The pallor of your skin—speckled eggshell, loose baby teeth,as white as the lies you’d leave on my lips.Soaked in moonlight, you appeared to mean unreal specter though I bathed delicatelyin your heat, night after night. A strange thingit is, to be desperate and drowning in the ivoryof someone else’s desire. I wanted to paint youwithContinue reading “Polychromasia”


I like to imagine you reading my poetry. It’s almost sadistic, how desperately I wish to witness your pupils nervously flitting from line to line, configuring words into something resembling meaning, occasionally stumbling upon a memory of ours and swallowing hard. I play the reverie over and over in my mind. A blink. A clearingContinue reading “GREAT DANES AND TEA BAGS”

I Will Not Give Up on You, America

because I have seen the cool blue of your mountainsand heard the voices of your children rising to meet them. It almost feels like enough until I let the soles of my feet sink sufficiently into your soiland feel myself become an intruder of a deeper, untold story. Sometimes I swear I can still hearContinue reading “I Will Not Give Up on You, America”

stretch marks

arewinding roads,proof of survival,scars from won battles,fresh paint on canvas,free tattoos,sudden lightning,evidence of outgrowing,poetic transformation,stories worth telling,the body’s way of healing,of making space for more,the meaning of resilience,unfinished timelines,backyard creeks,cirrus clouds,billowing smoke,shed feathers,scenic routes,flyaway hairs,wear and tear,graffiti murals,delicate boldness,torn veils,the aftermath of motion,rips in the fabric of the universe,a child’s cursive,shooting stars,the constellationsI follow home.

Fumbling With the Fabric

for Andrew Our first month, I wrote thirty poems about him. Eyes— deep sea blue, opalescent, kaleidoscope-like and dangerous. Laugh— orchestral, intoxicating, the kind you’d play forever on a turntable if you could loop it on a vinyl. I wrote them consecutively. On gum wrappers, unused fast food napkins I’d saved for later, the backsContinue reading “Fumbling With the Fabric”