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  • a home for my brain worms

    hello my sweet darlings, and welcome to the newest feature of mooopsy’s online corner: mooopsyleaks, a blog where i’ll brain dump and write think-pieces and possibly poems and essays etcetera. it’s gonna be casual. that’s the whole point. i’ve been in a writing rut for over a year now and have since reluctantly determined that there’s no way out other than writing my way out of it. i can’t keep expecting words to fall from the ether. i just have to try something new: soul vomit, structureless ramblings, stream of consciousness journal entries that are neither publishable or really any good. i’m just going to write. hope you’re down for that. i am.

    last october i announced that i would begin an email newsletter to stay in touch with my followers and fans (jk lol, more like friends and family and readers) but that idea never came to fruition. i was lusting for a more organic form of communication, something less polluted and artificial than traditional social media. social media makes me physically sick!!! i too-often find myself hating being perceived on instagram and twitter and youtube and facebook and every platform engineered for instant gratification. in a fit of disgust i was like, “cool. i’ll start a little weekly e-newsletter for subscribers to read as an occasional inbox treat.” but i truly just never got around to it. it didn’t seem like the right fit. i personally never check my email (100k unread as we speak— it drives everyone crazy). it felt too hypocritical and “shout into the void”-y as opposed to an open forum for discussion and conversation, which is what i’m ultimately lacking in my life right now. maybe you feel the same way. if so, then this space is for us to do just that.

    my little baby CUL-DE-SAC ANGELS came into the world almost one year ago (just days away from its first birthday now!!!) and i’ve been an empty, screaming well of nothingness until very recently. truly, there was nothing left to tap into for a while. post-grad life (22 years old in a never-ending pandemic) felt depressingly directionless for a while. i spent a lot of time vegetating in my childhood home, rotting on the couch, gaining weight (perfectly normal btw) and losing the will to pursue my art. it was the classic slow burn breakdown i felt coming for years but it finally hit me once i left blacksburg and moved back to woodbridge. like an 18-wheeler. it was bad.

    but dear reader! now i’m in what i can truly call A Good Place. april is without fail the most beautiful month of the year for me. april is consistently a resurrection. blooming. gentle. reinvigorating. i have never had a bad april. knock on wood for this one. and because i’m in A Good Place, i’m feeling motivated to start something new and radical and electric. i’m ready to start writing again. are you coming?

    life as of late:

    i saw mitski in concert at the end of march and if you know anything about me at all then you must know how completely cathartic and surreal that experience was. i cried. that energy cannot be replicated. pretty sure i’ll write an entirely separate post about that night alone. it’s practically my personality now.

    my puppy Luigi is officially 80 pounds of pure energy and silliness. i love him more than i’ve ever loved anything. currently, they’re shaving his whole body at the vet since his crazy boy antics got him into a severely matted mess. i pick the big boy up from the vet in an hour or so. i am fully expecting to see him in full NYC subway rat form, naked and afraid!!! oh the excitement.

    in february i started working as a marketing manager and publicist for an amazing publishing company and i cannot express to you how deeply i am loving my job. it’s fast-paced and incredibly creative and i get to talk about books with rising authors all day and help them fulfill the vision they have for their work. i get to work on children’s books, memoirs, educational/business titles, and multi-genre novels. honestly it’s everything i’ve ever wanted and more.

    songs on repeat lately: we’ll never have sex by leith ross (absolutely ethereal), i will by mitski (and her entire discography, of course), landslide by fleetwood mac (classic michelle), and the live studio version of georgia by phoebe bridgers. her belting completely unravels me.

    i’ve got a lot of ideas brewing in this psychological soup of mine. for now, if you’re reading this, go tell someone you love them. i love you. i think we need to be more liberal in saying that as long as we mean it every time. and trust me, i do. i love you.