I Really Only Miss You When It Rains

Cloudless skies sedate me, numbing me over until I am transparent, mechanical.Under soft sunshine, wrapped in velvet warmth, these days I hardly think of youwhen all of my body’s vacancies are filled with light. When it pours, though,I can feel again, the sharp pangs and weights, this cavernous ache I can’t place. I really onlyContinue reading “I Really Only Miss You When It Rains”


My heart is a clenched fistand it lives in my stomach.In its grip dwells the scentof green apple shampoofrom damp brown hair.Other things, too, likethe golden halo circlingyour cobalt iris, Jupiter’sfifth ring. There is alsothe soft chip in your cry,the crack that breaks me.I hold all of these triflingnothings between palmslike gospel. I am devotedtoContinue reading “LOCK AND KEY”

They Say Every Exit is an Entrance

but what happens when the knob won’t turn? When your knuckles ripen to an unpoetic fuchsia, no tenor of hurried footsteps approaching to let you in? Do you camp out on the porch? Do you kick through the door? Or do you wriggle through the window, into the uninviting home, and make yourself comfortable— reclineContinue reading “They Say Every Exit is an Entrance”