Names and Trees and Variations of God

I like to go for walks around the manmade pond near my apartment complex and take low-quality pictures of the massive weeping willow that looms over the asphalt bike path. I do this solely for the purpose of curating evidence in my camera roll that I am, in fact, still alive. Sometimes I forget. IContinue reading “Names and Trees and Variations of God”


Certain scents— magnolia, freshly washed linen, dish soap bubbles in the sink— are thieves of peace. My first love’s coconut deodorant, tasteless cafeteria food from the hospice where I watched my grandma shrink from the cancer that killed her, the bedsheets of a boy who just wanted an excuse to wash them. When love fadesContinue reading “FRAGRANT FLASHBACKS”

Hypothetically, If You Were To Ask Me

if I would meet you under the stars in the garden behind that one historical building where we danced to Sinatra and then cried about the unfair likelihood of a future without each other, I wouldn’t even let you finish your sentence. I’d already be there, a bottle of cheap white wine purchased hastily fromContinue reading “Hypothetically, If You Were To Ask Me”

A Miniature Portrait of 20

Plants, half-alive, guard my bedroom like soldiers on my apartment windowsill. I have short hair now and wear extra-large sweaters because they’re comfier  than the kind in my actual size and I have given up on giving up my comfort for anyone. An abbreviated list of recent obsessions: a full moon on a cloudless night,Continue reading “A Miniature Portrait of 20”

When My Kids Ask Me Why I Write

Well, I’ll tell them, sometimes you wake up and twist your ankle on the way downstairsbefore a very important meeting, and later you find out it is shatteredin four different places, and even though you have big things to doyou must sit very still and wait for them to fuse again. Sometimes you wake upContinue reading “When My Kids Ask Me Why I Write”

To Tell You The Truth

I was banking on forever. Carving pumpkins with you the day after Halloween,pulps already rotting, you’d stick your slender fingersinto that cavernous decay and laugh like a serial killer. I secretly loved it, watching your jack-o’-lantern smileflicker through slime-covered hands. Stupid kid, you.Sometimes I loved you so much I wanted to hurt you. I knowContinue reading “To Tell You The Truth”

There Were Good Things, Too

Like that one time my friends and I ordered a pepperoni pizza so grotesquely large it couldn’t fit through the apartment door horizontally and how the slices were bigger than two of our heads stacked on top of each other. I have found that there are perks to the apocalypse and sometimes they look likeContinue reading “There Were Good Things, Too”