I Saw You Today

Washed in shades of gold under the sugar maples

at sunset. Book in hand, probably a rented copy

of something science fiction, you sat folded

like an origami bird, knees tucked into your ribs. 

I came closer. You didn’t notice

and I had no intention of saying hello anyway. 

Your hair reaches the cheekbones now.

You’ve got more color in your face. 

I guess things do change after all. 

Remember how I used to sit with you 

until the sky would erupt in its usual drama,

head flopped weakly against your shoulder?

How I’d write bad poems while you read,

stopping only to flick the loose strands 

from your eyes and to ask you, 

every so often, Isn’t it nice to just be here?

I could’ve asked something today

but I didn’t. I got close enough to look

and then chose to look away. 

It’s nice to just be here. 

Please keep reading.

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