When I Say I Love You More Than Anything

I mean I’ve traced freckle constellations on far too many bare backs to be proud of
but hadn’t found the right star to land on until I ran my pointer finger across yours.

I mean I’d give up my dreams and follow you to Sacramento. I’d pack poems in my suitcase and squeeze your hand on the red-eye and abandon my perfectly fine life to build a new one with you. I’d write from there. Or maybe I wouldn’t. Maybe I’d give up writing, too.

I mean Sometimes I dream of keeping you in my closet but not in the serial killer kind of way. I worry about too many things. Like the world caving in and swallowing you whole.

I mean I love you more than anything.

Which means Is it the same for you?

Would you keep me in your closet?

Would you buy that one-way ticket?

Have you found a star to land on yet?

I mean—

Is it one of mine?

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