I Don’t Know What You’re Scared Of

but for me, it’s formal dining rooms and how to eat neatly in themand family portraits with everyone clad in the same shade of beigeand how unlike your mom is from my mom and how unlike youare from me, even though I hunger for you and would like to sitwith you in the car withContinue reading “I Don’t Know What You’re Scared Of”

I Really Only Miss You When It Rains

Cloudless skies sedate me, numbing me over until I am transparent, mechanical.Under soft sunshine, wrapped in velvet warmth, these days I hardly think of youwhen all of my body’s vacancies are filled with light. When it pours, though,I can feel again, the sharp pangs and weights, this cavernous ache I can’t place. I really onlyContinue reading “I Really Only Miss You When It Rains”