Ode to my Notes App

Scroll through the majority. Grocery list. Milk, frozen food,

bathroom soap refill, chicken. Dead link to a writing contest

I didn’t win. Drunk poetry drafts. Lines I still haven’t used.

You hold so much of me, caretaker of unassembled lives.

Here is a list of one-day names for one-day babies I have

not yet held and may never hold. Ava, Carter, Willow,

Violet, it goes on but I always stop reading there. I just

don’t like to worry about the lives I could possibly ruin. 

Diary entries typed through wet eyes at the witching hour.

Textbook chapters I never read. Movies still unwatched.

My ex’s Twitter password. I’d leak it here if I were feeling

particularly evil. An old friend’s Starbucks order. Venti.

Credit card number disguised in code. Same with Social

Security. License plate. Excerpts from a dream journal.

I dreamt once that you had bone cancer. I wrote it down

and that was the end of it. Useless information, alphabet

soup, loose bits of the jigsaw puzzle I’m putting together.

I mean, at least I have the pieces.

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