Hamster wheel America.
Dope kids never die.
Consider, for a moment, the hot dog.
What would a typical day in the office look like for an intern?
It’s fine, your SoundCloud music sucked anyway.
Genius is poverty.
If you can promise me this one thing I would be the happiest fool who ever lived.
My cat likes bones.
new_HIV_children_DRC.append(aids[“Data”][“New HIV Infections”][“Children”])
How much of her has sculpted you?
Remember to buy: milk, bathroom soap refill, eggs, chicken, frozen food.
When it comes time to let love die let it die with grace.
Update ur LinkedIn Handshake garbaaaage my god no one will ever hire u!
3 AM: I want to stop crying. But there were no survivors on a Boeing 747.
You’ll die with your memories and I will too. So much of mine are you.
Essay on Thoreau refusing to pay poll taxes due Oct. 5th.
But I’d be lying if I couldn’t admit that sometimes I miss the girl I was before it all began.
Password: [redacted]
Can I marry you yet?
Are we just our names, the categories we fall under, who we are to other people?
Revival of proper literacy demands a sense of taste and elitism.
I grew into someone I can’t recognize.
There will be more long walks home.
Hot dogs, precooked bacon, croissants, bread, ice cream, face wash, cream cheese, peppers, fruit of any kind, vegetables, chips, dish soap, pizzas, juice, yogurt, kettle chips.
I am driven to madness by the need to be pursued.

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