it is not my responsibility / to cater my realities / to fit your tolerance / I have never cared

for lightweights / weak souls / springtime snowflakes

begone! / if you dare

I am no banned book / no radio with the expletives bleeped out for childish ears /
no courtesy warning before the gruesome ad / and won’t be held accountable /
for the way your fingers bleed / meddling with my glass

just stop touching it won’t you / discern!
if you’re hurting yourself / unconcern yourself

it is my right / (just like those declared unalienable) /
to poke fun at death / (she is a laughing thing) /
to toy with tragedy / to concern myself with carnage

my art / my heart / none of it / is for you

neither is it rocket science / complex / bewildering

by all means / bathe in my poetry / my bloodbath /
my bad mouth / my bite / the welts I leave behind /
when my words sting / when I break thin skin

you who seek offense / you who can’t stop / scab picking /
sticking your nose where you shouldn’t / meticulous searcher of wrongs

I do not live to temper you / please you /
tiptoe around your fragile mind

if my concern be a sound /
listen! /

this air brags / boldly / in its stillness

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