I just want to take care of you. Dear heart.
Do you remember the day I met you? I do.
I want to meet you all over again. You were
wearing navy. I remember I saw you and I knew
you were the one I’d keep. We took Polaroids
tonight before everything got hazy. Our friends
are the only real ones I’ve ever had. Brothers.
I’ll remember you forever. Keep me. Sparkling.
You always are. Something out of a dream
carried down to earth. Heaven is jealous of you.
Maybe I am, too. I’d watch you sleep forever.
I’d listen to you cry in the bathroom half alive
even if it burns me inside more than anything
I could possibly consume. Dear soul. I can’t
see anything. But I can see the rest of my life
like a storyboard of a movie. And they say
I will stay with you until the day I die. You
bought me orchids today. Valentine’s Day.
I grinned like a stupid child all the way home.
I thought to myself. God. Don’t ever let go.
You’ve got a white-knuckle grip on everything
I am. Don’t ever. Don’t ever. Don’t ever go.

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