STATE OF THE UNION crowned “existential” Word Of The Year
for 2019. And how fitting she is for a world in flux.
We are still asking the age-old questions, these days
hardly expecting definitive answers. The Greeks
did it first. We simply have nothing original left to ask
in a macrocosm where nothing holds. Still we can’t
seem to stop begging the sky for clarity, praying
for explanation like the farmland prays for rain.

This is our nature.
We are worn thin but this is our nature.

Is there such a thing as capital T Truth? Is love a real
breathing measurable entity or accidental chemistry?
Synapses fire, we can prove that, but not much else.
I’d tell you if I knew. But I don’t. Neither do ancient texts,
dead philosophers, our mothers, or even Google.

Top trending searches in 2019: What is Area 51?
What is a VSCO girl? What is momo? What is
a boomer? What is quid pro quo? What is
camp fashion? What is Disney Plus? What is
“Bird Box” about? What is a Mandalorian?
What is Brexit? What is

the meaning of all of this? Will we ever know
the true satisfaction of knowing? All we have
in a cosmos without order is each other.
All we have is wonder. Wonder if these
breaths we pass between our bodies
amount to anything, or everything,
or nothing, at all.

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