requires no great pilgrimagenor any red-eye flight to book.Upon arrival, there may not evenbe an altar on which to offerwhat is owed. Holy ground is wherever you leave your love. So every public bathroom stall withinwhich I have grieved into my hands.A certain Catholic church basement,still haunted by the sweaty magic of oldfriends long gone,Continue reading “HOLY GROUND”


Sometimes helicopters fall with fathers and daughters still inside of them. And at the same time there’s some sort of virus hanging in the air making fear point its ugly finger. Who is responsible for this? What wretched nation, what sick corner of the world? There must be someone tampering with the wires. And whileContinue reading “THIS WORLD GAZES BACK”


today— only labored breathing. I have wornthis body limp, my heart a hollow cathedral. Know this much. Today brought no spectacularrevelation. Instead, I crumpled and wailed over how complicated the mind is, how lovecannot always suffice in navigating its mazes. Where do I fit in your world of worlds, sweetthing? Is there still space forContinue reading “NOT MUCH OF A POEM”