how I know God listens

these days we fall asleep whispering thank you, thank you, thank you. and I think that alone sums up perfectly this equitable arrangement of now: squeezing palms, Sunday mass, my putty heart, pliable, yours. run your thumb over the back of my hand while the pastor rouses a homily about love. thank you, thank you,Continue reading “how I know God listens”

There is so much comfort in knowing

that what I hold closest to me cannot be taken away. And no, it is not another body this time, (or any time, really)– despite the changing seasons (they arrive more rapid-fire now, these days more noticeable) there is one thing that remains as constant as earth, as rooted as the branches of my familyContinue reading “There is so much comfort in knowing”

in a parallel universe we are running away

as we speak. we are everything the word elope signifies, a sticky note on the countertop, goodbye scrawled in my messy cursive. pooled our piggy bank money into our pockets, everything we’ve been saving since the very beginning. we’ve rented a car— something inconspicuous, untraceable, as camouflaged as an amber alert dream. we bring blankContinue reading “in a parallel universe we are running away”