Today I feel lucky.

But not in a stumbled-upon-the-Jackpot-prize-and-all-of-a-sudden-I’m-a-billionaire kind of way. But lucky in a simple sense. Lucky I get to hold you. Lucky I am finally strong enough to do it right, to do it with the perfect combination of gentle and firm. Lucky that you are mine for the keeping. Because I am so used toContinue reading “Today I feel lucky.”


I’ve written to this prompt before but I can’t seem to get it out of my brain. I am so many things—that’s probably why. I could list them all like rote catalogue: daughter, friend, poet, introvert, artist, dreamer. But how boring is that—how much more mundane can it get, this useless collection of adjectives handpickedContinue reading “WHO AM I, IF NOT MY NAME?”