Today I give thanks

for April and how tenderly she treated me,
for the roses back home in my cheeks,
for the syrupy breeze of perfect springtime.
Today I give thanks for the word “blessing,”
because truly, there is no other word that could
possibly suffice in capturing all of this striking color
that now blooms like awkward patches of wildflower
around my tired body, overcoming everything I am,
this sudden reanimation of all I swore was dead,
this unexpected burst of breath, and my own life,
brand new and blushing pink, born just minutes ago.

because I looked around this morning and all I saw
were these little somethings, miles of simple blessings
sprouting everywhere, germinating, peeking up shyly
from soil as if planted just for me, as if the universe
conspired to plant for me a garden just so I could
stand in it, trembling awestruck, blooming with nothing
in my hands but gratitude. and so I give thanks to you,

month before May, for this resurrection,
this graceful uprooting, for showing
me the way back to the roots of things.

escapril day 29: may flowers

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