if it’s a stormy kind of afternoon,
gray sky threatening disaster.
We’ll kick off our rubber boots
and let them fill up with rain,
dancing barefoot under a dry ceiling.
Lightning lights up the room just fine.

And what if we haunt the open field
after twilight, hoping to catch the final trail
of a shooting star? If the clouds intrude
and all we can see is the faint outline
of what could have been, it will still be worth it,
knowing the moon, though she hides,
still shines just for us.

No time with you is ever wasted,
even in the downpour when
there is nothing to do but stay
in silence.

I don’t require much.
Anywhere with you,
all I need.

Even under skies without stars.
Even when the storm dies away
and the sun takes her place in the sky again.

escapril day 18: a happy place

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