Scenic Views from Rock Bottom

You know, I always thought I was a good kisser until I found myself kissing you, running all the red lights until you stop me midbreath. Highway patrol, you are. Slow down. You pull me back to earth. It’s such a casual thing, how you yank me from the moon. You kiss funny, you say,Continue reading “Scenic Views from Rock Bottom”


Latchkey child, someday someone will take care of you. I know you never had that. For years it was turn the key, kick off your shoes, wait and wait and wait. It was leftover pizza in Ziploc bags, hasty handwriting scrawled on pages ripped from magazines. Be home late. Food in fridge. Mom. I rememberContinue reading “A PLACE TO PUT YOUR HANDS”


I know so. Consider the unspoken magnetism between two strangers. Mystery charges the distance between separate bodies, interrupting the graceful orbit between planets never meant to collide. All love is merely push and pull. Potential either used or wasted. Like energy, it cannot be created nor destroyed. This is the great tragedy of our species,Continue reading “THE COSMOS IS A ROMANTIC”