A promise to myself—
to never forget it.

Your seventeenth—rosy cheeks
and trampolines— we put the sky
to shame that night. High as hope
and invincible, our hands sealed together
like melted candle wax, clinging
to a new color buzzing in the air.

The color of first love.
A flame turned forest fire.

I remember every detail—
vivid, brand new, the sound
of your laughter an unwrapped present
with the tag still attached.

Back then you were Boy
with sunlit hair and a voice
you hadn’t quite grown into yet.
You electric-shocked my life
into shades of scarlet red
and I will adore you forever
because of it.

You invented new colors for me.

But today you are Man–
roots firm, unshaking,
no longer too big to fit
inside your frame.
Now you could squeeze
the entire universe within your ribcage
and still have enough room to love
the way you always have.

I haven’t forgotten that night.
Seventeen. Invincible.
I never will.
A promise to myself,
and to you—the one
who taught me to fly.

Soar for me.
You will go far.
I can already feel it.

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