a short series of revelations that came to me on a 7-mile walk around campus alone in today’s beautiful pre-autumnal weather
• I am capable of doing brave, hard things.
• The past provides for soil, not sunlight. It is good for grounding, not always for growing. Appreciate your roots, but do not let them serve as anchors.
• Soul-searching is perfect therapy. Especially when it involves an overcast sky, no agenda, enough cold chill to cut to the bone, and a good dose of headspace. Discomfort can be comforting.
• I can make anywhere home. Home is not a physical location. It is a state of heart.
• I will always be an artist regardless of whether or not I am consistently creating masterpieces.
• Forgiveness is everything. Especially with yourself.
• I am made of fire and I am enough. No matter what, through every season, always. This is a non-negotiable, indisputable fact of the universe. Even the trees know it— they always seem to remind me. (And yes—you are, too.)

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