honey. You messed with the wrong girl, you know. This one is a poet, and God, aren’t those just the worst? She is flammable, the girl with night sky eyes and pen-stained hands. Maybe you should’ve tried to break someone else, someone who wouldn’t incinerate your bones and harvest their ashes for ink. Maybe youContinue reading “BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME,”

18 lessons learned in 18 revolutions around the sun

i. Hearts are fragile objects. I don’t know why they don’t come to earth birthed in bubble wrap, secured in styrofoam. Sometimes I worry mine will slip through the crevices of my rib cage and shatter. We need to be more gentle. ii. I will continue to outgrow people. Even if at one point theirContinue reading “18 lessons learned in 18 revolutions around the sun”