I want you to be honest with me.
Do you see a future where we end up together again,
the way we were, the way we used to be?
Yes. So much yes.
Do you really?
I do. I am careful not to mold my entire life around
something as fleeting as possibility. I don’t
want my heart to be defined by its brokenness anymore.
But yes, I do. I see it so clearly. Somehow, my soul knows
it is you– it will always be you.
At least, it hopes so. I hope so.
My goodness. That’s a relief.
Why? What do you see?
The same. Unbelievably the same.
Sometimes I talk to you, and I wonder if you can hear me.
It’s a bit crazy, you know, conversing with the wind.
Like I’m talking to God.
Like, “Hi, it’s me. Are you happy? Are you listening?”
I’m always listening.
But do you ever hear me?
I do now. I think I always have,
even when I didn’t want to listen.

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