The incalculable beauty of this world
has a death grip on my heart.
The world itself, however,
is infinite light years away
from ever reaching perfection.
It never will.
There is hatred roaming our streets,
and raging war,
and blood shed by the innocent
behind locked doors.
There are human beings
suffering in silence, even myself,
when I find myself staring eye-level
at my own weaknesses.
Complete perfection,
a fallacy!
I want nothing of it.
Because moments like these,
moments where I am barefoot
and crouching down on playground mulch
trying to capture my best friend
in the water colored sky that holds us together–
are little instances of perfection.
Tiny glimpses.
Tastes of heaven.
Split second salvation.
A collection of moments which,
in the dusk of all hopelessness, are reasons to stay.

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