Seasons of You

noses bitten pink by frost,
midnight snowfall through opaque glass,
steaming breath on my cheek, mitten
hands intertwined as our hearts burn. slow.

you bring the warmth to winter.

crimson poppies in the spring,
barefoot dancing under April downpouring,
streets lined with creamy dogwood
and canvas shoes. the sun is out.
she loves us. you–

are always growing. and I,
with you, stand tall.

concrete scalds our soles. and
our souls. fruit lipped, roasted
shoulders, we static cling
to each other’s bodies in
lightning storms. young love
quenches all thirst.

august is tainted by hellfire,
but every day
I burn
with you.

acorn heart of mine, your
chestnut eyes are my forever
refuge. hibernate with me,
let my colors melt into the
crevices of your palms, permit
my yellows to fade into browns,
and then to earth, and
then to infinity. decomposing.

i always
but only
for you.

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