Change, metamorphosis, transfiguration. I have always trembled, clenching teeth and locking jaw– what which threatens permanence what which haunts stability. And if Time embodies all change, then I fear Time herself, for she is the only measurable gust of wind reckless enough to damage what appeared so indestructible moments before its ruin. Time, her cruelContinue reading “Chrysalis”

haikus in memory of a European summer

I. packed suitcase, farewell sleeping suburbs we know well two week adventure II. plane to Italy all asleep, except for two Atlantic dreamers. III. Rome, home of chaos heavy-eyed Americans wandering her streets. IV. Vatican City and in those golden arches I see God, smiling. V. Assisi‚Äôs mountains blue, holy, our favorite stone castle lover.Continue reading “haikus in memory of a European summer”

To the dreamer that will one day be my daughter

I. when you are still a bug-eyed, sticky-fingered believer of everything, I will teach you words. I will let your tiny cushioned index finger trace the darkened letters of poetry you will not understand for years to come, for now just shapes and sounds and the rustle of your baby hands always turning the nextContinue reading “To the dreamer that will one day be my daughter”

Portrait of Anthony

a canyon for a dimple, right cheek only, accompanied by sandy freckles scattered across the nose bridge appearing only in late August. hands– smaller than mine, smooth, marble hands of an artist– fingerprints etching colors into the air while he speaks of his visions, always too grand to be described. he describes them anyway. cinematic,Continue reading “Portrait of Anthony”