How To Love A Borderline

you tell me
you need a break,
my darling–
your problems are the root
of my suffocation.
in your purity, you have
stolen all of the air left
stewing inside my skin.
I must go for now,
reconnect, recharge
so I can love you better.
I will come back
and love you all over again,
I promise.
but all I hear is you’re leaving,
you’re leaving, you’re leaving
goodbye, sweet expired baby,
mausoleum face stomping
on graves of old lovers
here are your feet,
one already out the door, here
are your clothes left crumpled
on my floor, here is my voice
like a match struck
in the hair of a gasoline girl
charcoal face, carbon monoxide
dreamer, you won’t miss her
I am thinking only of
the love affair between
blade and body and
you, you, you
you are the scream of rubber
upon roads that lead somewhere
the soles of my feet
are not allowed
to follow.
here is your voice again
promise me you won’t
do anything, promise me you will
take care of yourself
promise me promise me
I say I promise
but all of them have been
left shattered on the floor,
stained glass temptation
as God watches me
pick up a single shard
and taste the scarlet sting
of your silence.
you taste like the post-mortem
sigh of relief, bodies drifting
noiselessly down the rivers
we once fell for
and somehow,

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