places to be (with you, always you, only you)

I. a calm darkened room, curtains drawn outside, the sky is crying– its tears slamming white noise on our rooftop there is a mattress and blue cotton sheets, a cloud for a comforter and two bodies clasped together like refrigerator magnets as icons dance on the screen of our static television minds II. here weContinue reading “places to be (with you, always you, only you)”


You have always dreamed of aviation, cellophane wings glued to your heartstrings– my marionette lover of hopes hanging high enough to abolish the air from heavy lungs. I watch your cavern chest rise but never fall, tsunami tides engraved permanently airborne, intertwining hands with time as suspension silences destruction. Time does not exist here–only periwinkleContinue reading “Aviation”

Take Me Back (an original song)

Link: LYRICS: You hear me through the silence Bleeding down the streets That used to know your name Can you see me through the fog That’s anchored to your eyes Oh you can feel me sighing Take me back to you Take me back to then Take me back to midnight Dancing on theContinue reading “Take Me Back (an original song)”