remnants of you

there are remnants of you
everywhere i go
and a minute does not pass
without pestering thoughts
of what we were

you are the songs we both loved
and how my eyes still tear up
when i hear them on the radio
and you are the reason why
i choose to sit in silence now

you are the unfinished love note
that burns holes in my pockets,
the one i have patiently waited
five months to send
but you are also the reason why
i cannot bring myself to finish it


i saw your face in my dreams
you’ve still got that candid smile
those eyes like foggy windows
and that permanent rose on your cheeks

it’s sunday afternoon
and i want to sleep forever
with my face against the warmth of my pillow
just so i could see yours

a time will come

a time will come
when my name
will no longer rest
at the tip of your tongue,
echoing in your ears
like our footsteps in gravel
and i’ll be replaced
by an undisturbed silence

your beautiful heart
will no longer beat
to the sound of my voice
and we’ll both forget
the creases in each other’s smiles
and the way our hands
clasped together gently
as if we cradled the whole world
in the spaces between
our fingers

i think i’ll miss you forever
and once i forget
the color of your eyes,
i hope i’ll find the hidden courage
to find your smile in the stars
and to unveil the fingerprints
you left behind on my soul